Mikayla Lytton

Affiliate Consultant/Trainer

Mikayla Lytton (they) is a facilitator, coach, trainer, and community organizer. Their approach in general is facilitative: they seek to lead from beside, recognizing and affirming that the knowledge, creativity, and experience we need to solve complex problems exists, but not in any single individual. Their primary focus in the world is growing, experiencing, finding more liberated and liberatory ways of being, collectively and individually. One of the ways they do that is by supporting others in seeing how power and oppression operate in their lives and work, identifying and choosing potential tools to undermine those systems, and then evaluating their progress to adjust and enhance their practices.

Mikayla’s education in racial and social justice, and much of their skill in facilitating and coaching, comes primarily from organizing with Showing Up for Racial Justice and the DC Movement for Black Lives, as well as from transformative personal relationships and self-education. Their professional experience spans the corporate world (doing project management across research, technical, and product teams for a financial research firm); the governmental (supporting organizational turnaround of a small government agency); nonprofit (primarily offering facilitation, coaching, and project management); to the grassroots (collaboratively developing and growing a volunteer-run organization).

Mikayla loves laughing, trees, silence, and chosen family, including their adorable nephews.

For more information about Mikayla and their coaching practice, please check out https://www.mikayla.coach/