Convenings on Black Male Achievement

The Open Society Institute’s Campaign for Black Male Achievement is a multi-issue, cross-funded strategy to address black men and boys’ exclusion from economic, social, educational, and political life in the United States. Since its launch in May 2008, the campaign has engaged in exploratory grantmaking, philanthropic partnership development, and strategic planning, which has helped narrow its strategic focus to three areas that profoundly shape the life outcomes of black males – education, family, and work – and has adopted a place-based grantmaking approach to commit its investment in specific geographic regions. IISC won an RFP with the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity to provide process design consulting, facilitation, project management for OSI by working with regional design teams to plan and design two of the regional convenings – Mid-Atlantic and Mid-West – in partnership with Kirwan who is providing customized and national research, interview findings, network maps, funding analysis for each region in the areas of family, work and education.