Social Justice and Peace in Philanthropy

Working Group on Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace The Ford Foundation funded a small global group of leaders from grantmaking foundations and philanthropic support organizations to come together with IISC to deepen the practice of philanthropy for social justice and peace. In the first year, the Working Group also helped IISC design an interactive and provocative convening of social justice and peace funders from around the globe. The convening, held in February 2009 in Cairo, Egypt, was attended by nearly 100 people from around the world who were deeply interested in exploring the meaning and methods of philanthropy that challenge injustice in varied contexts. IISC designed and facilitated sessions to build connections and relationships between and among the participants and to provoke their thinking about ways to move this important work forward. IISC continues to support the Working Group as it builds a global network of people working to develop better social justice and peace grantmaking practices, demonstrate the impact of grantmaking with a social justice approach, influence the mainstream narrative in philanthropy, and connect to share knowledge and practices from different regions of the world.