Advancing Racial Justice in Organizations

Why now?
Now more than ever, change agents in organizations large and small need new tools and a fresh perspective to catalyze and sustain the work of racial justice. Whether you are already leading or want to lead racial justice work within your organization, ARJ will give you the skills and tools you need to mobilize your colleagues. Combined with your passion for guiding your organization’s efforts, our expert insight and support will teach you how to translate your organization’s racial justice values into action and impact.

What will you learn?
Advancing Racial Justice will equip you with frameworks and tools to design and lead collaborative change processes in your organization. You will learn to identify how systemic racism and other forms of inequity show up in the world and in your workplace, with an emphasis on ways to advance justice work in the current climate. And you’ll explore how collaborative processes are a high-leverage strategy for designing more equitable organizations.

Part One: Foundations and Grounding

    • Learn to use key race justice/equity concepts in your work 
    • Reflect on the power of working collaboratively to advance racial justice
    • Understand how to guide an intentional planning process to advance equity and justice
    • Explore how to stay grounded as a leader in the midst of challenging work
    • Give and receive peer support 

Part Two: Tools Deep Dive

    • Develop a team charter to support your team’s racial equity efforts
    • Learn to describe your current reality, goals for the future, relevant context,  stakeholders, and ways to involve your stakeholders in your collaborative change process
    • Gain tools to operationalize equity practices 
    • Design a clear and compelling case for change indicating why you need a racial equity action plan 
    • Learn design principles for collaborative planning

Parts One and Two are designed to be taken together and are offered for one price:
$1,350/per person Nonprofit | $1,700/per person Foundation | $2,000/per person For-Profit/Social Venture

We strongly recommend that you attend with one or two colleagues so that you have someone to help you translate the learning into practical action, though attending with a colleague is not required.

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