Advancing Racial Justice in Organizations: An Online Learning Series

We are delighted that the maiden voyage of ARJ Online has launched! Please see below for more information about when we will offer the series again.

Who is this series designed for?

This capacity-building offering is designed for equity teams of three to four people from an organization or network who are working to strategize for and implement racial equity work. 

The ideal team will include members of your new or ongoing race, equity, and inclusion team plus other key leaders, including senior staff, board members, and other highly engaged stakeholders. The application form is designed to be completed collaboratively, as a group. Each organization can sign up with up to four team members. Teams of three or four are strongly encouraged.

Please note that this experience is a capacity-building intervention for your Race, Equity, and Inclusion Team, not your entire staff. In this program you’ll learn about resources to facilitate different kinds of learning and planning activities for furthering racial equity in your work. As you participate in this program and design your organization’s change process, you may determine that you need to offer supplementary learning or training opportunities for all staff, or longer-term consulting support. Our ARJ online series will prepare your equity team for more thoughtful consideration of how and when to consider future engagements and consulting support (which will be available on a limited basis).

What does the series include?

The experience includes: 

  • An exciting, supportive, and strategic opportunity to learn alongside your own colleagues as well as those from four or five other organizations or networks, with the guidance of IISC’s team of experienced racial equity trainers 
  • In-depth assignments to explore your organization’s readiness, assets, and challenges, as well as your personal strengths and growing edges
  • Twenty-two hours of workshop time, spread over six online learning sessions (four sessions will be three hours long; two will be five hours long)
  • Detailed homework assignments to explore with your ARJ team, as well as your wider equity team and other organizational leaders and stakeholders
  • Tools and content to assist your equity team in collaboratively designing and implementing your racial equity process and plan.

What are the learning outcomes and deliverables for participating teams?

By the end of this learning experience, you will be able to:

  1. Use language and analysis of institutional and structural racism that are commonly used in the field
  2. Clarify and build buy-in for the importance of addressing racism in your organization and in your program/issue areas
  3. Recognize key indicators of how racism expresses itself in organizational culture and identify ways to interrupt those dynamics  
  4. Integrate equity primes, prompts, and tools into your ongoing work
  5. Design collaborative processes that support ongoing learning, planning, and action for racial equity
  6. Integrate learning, evaluation, and assessment throughout your processes
  7. Consult racial equity resources to identify tools, protocols, and more for use in your organization
  8. Build relationships and offer and receive peer coaching from other cohort members 

What will you have generated?

You will have developed sturdy working drafts of the following items:

  1. An effective case for change, articulating why addressing racism and pursuing racial justice is important for your organization
  2. The selection of an assessment tool to facilitate your own internal equity audit
  3. Role description for your ongoing Race, Equity, and Inclusion Team
  4. A collaborative process roadmap that projects and plans for the learning, planning, dialogue and other activities in your racial equity change process for your organization
  5. Sample equity primes and tools to weave through your process

You will create these draft products using a shared online tool that your equity team will  be able to keep and refine throughout the series and beyond.

What kind of time commitment will you be making?

Each participant will commit to participating in all six sessions with over 22 hours of workshop time. There will be shared and individual homework before the sessions begin, and homework between each session. In most cases, the homework will involve engaging conversations and planning with others from your organization or network. We strongly recommend that you schedule about 2-3 hours of meeting times for your full Race, Equity, and Inclusion Team between each session. Between the 5th and 6th sessions, you will also participate in a self-facilitated peer coaching session to gain further support as you refine your process roadmap and other work products. Altogether, each team member should plan for approximately 50-55 hours of time over the three-month ARJ series.

The price for this series is $7,350 per team.

What will we cover?

Session 1 Building Racial Equity Foundations and Establishing the Learning Community
Session 2 Understanding Racism and Envisioning Liberatory Organizations
Session 3 Designing the Racial Equity Process – Part 1
Session 4 Designing the Racial Equity Process – Part 2
Session 5 Shifting Organizational Culture and Integrating Equity Primes and Tools
Between Sessions 5 and 6, you’ll have at least one self-facilitated peer coaching session.
Session 6 Racial Equity Implementation, Peer Coaching and Impact Evaluation

When will the series be offered again?

IISC expects to offer Advancing Racial Justice in Organizations: An Online Learning Series again starting in February 2021. To be notified as soon as the new dates are set and applications are being accepted, please opt into our email list here. We will also soon be offering an “in-house” version of Advancing Racial Justice in Organizations: An Online Learning Series. Stay tuned via our email list for more information on that, as well.  Thank you!