People all over the world are trying to work together in more collaborative ways in order to change things for the better – within their organizations, within their communities, and beyond. Through our consulting practice, IISC works with organizations, communities, networks, and others to build their capacity for more effective, equitable, and inclusive social change. We also offer workshops that provide participants with the opportunity to learn and practice the skills and tools of collaboration for social change.

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IISC catalyzes the will and skill of the diverse public to create social justice and sustainability. We do this with people in communities, organizations and movements through training, facilitation, network building and public engagement. IISC brings our commitment to equity, love and trust to all of our work.


All people are fully participating in decision-making about their communities, sharing information and resources in reciprocal, decentralized ways. People are balancing their complex differences and working together for peace and justice on a healthy planet.


IISC is committed to stepping into the most fundamental of all values: “the love that does justice.” Furthermore, all of us at IISC—both individually and collectively—are committed to translating five additional core values into values in action as we move through each and every day.

Our Collaborative Change Lens

Over the past 25 years, we have developed a lens through which we facilitate social change and we bring it to every engagement. IISC invites groups and leaders to shift power dynamics, focus on building networks, and magnify love as a force for social change. Using this collaborative change lens, we see leaders overcome challenges and have astounding impact.


IISC was founded in 1992 by Interaction Associates as an expression of its commitment to social justice and as a way of bringing its collaborative methodologies into the social sector. Since then, IISC has grown from a staff of two to an organization of over twenty staff members and a cadre of affiliates who have worked with thousands of individuals, organizations, coalitions and networks to boost and amplify their impact. Learn more.


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