Engaged Communities

IISC maps pathways to new and inclusive public engagement. Our work has prioritized diverse and multi-stakeholder engagements that create shared vision and provoke collective action.

Facilitating Boston Climate Action Plan

IISC, in partnership with Raab Associates, facilitated the work of the Leadership Committee and Community Advisory Committee. IISC focused especially on the community engagement aspects of the project, and is continuing to do so as work... Read More

Uncovering the Root Cause of Health Inequities

IISC designed and facilitated the Springfield Health Equity Initiative to examine the root causes of health inequities - to understand how social determinants create inequities in health outcomes for people of color compared to whites.

New Americans Community Inclusion

IISC designed and facilitated a process to support the convening of a network for the Massachusetts New Americans Agenda (MassNAA). The process was designed to ensure ongoing problem solving, learning, and improvement; increase community inclusion; maximize... Read More

Business and Community Unite for Children

IISC designed and facilitated a process involving nearly 1,000 people for the Davis Foundation, causing a ripple effect of momentum and commitment among the Springfield's business and community organizations to focus on helping young children thrive.

Alignment for Better Education

IISC designed and Facilitated The Boston Promise Initiative's Promise Neighborhood grantee planning grant to build alignment.