Choosing Reality

September 14, 2011 Leave a comment

A mentor of mine says that one of the most important disciplines we can individually and collectively engage in is to repeatedly ask and attempt to answer the question, “Where am I/we now?”  This is something of a daunting task when it comes to our global climate, and yet embracing this current reality is key to creating the future we would want to see inherited by generations to come.  In this spirit, we are all invited to join The Climate Reality Project to hear more of the truth about climate change from those who are experiencing its impacts around the world, and watch the live stream here starting at 7pm CT today (September 14).

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  • Cynthia Silva Parker says:

    Thanks for this Curtis! When I think about the persistence of “climate change doubters” it reminds me of what political, social and natural scientists say about how humans deal with changing ideas. We cling to our stories about how the world works, even in the face of data and other evidence that contracts our stories. It’s not until there is a mountain of disconfirming evidence that our stories can be dislodged and replaced with another story (hypothesis, theory, paradigm). I hope we are getting close to evidence adding up to a mountain. Not sure what else it might take!

  • Charlie Jones says:

    Well put, Cynthia. I am a creature of little faith when it comes to such paradigm shifts. If all we had to do was convince the unconvinced with respect to climate change we’d have a chance – but there is way too much BIG MONEY involved in the misinformation campaign. I fear we will need a miracle on the order of the loaves and fishes to pull out of this particular nose dive.

  • Curtis says:

    Thanks CSP. Extreme weather may be what it takes. I was listening to Barbara Marx Hubbard the other day and she said that evolution is both selective and elective. There are plenty of signs of good things happening, they really need to be knit and scaled. Hence, networks! And Charlie, my doubting brother, curious to know what the most hope is that you can muster and what you might do to help it grow if even just a little bit.

  • Charlie Jones says:

    Curtis: I’ll get back to you about the amount of hope I could possibly muster… for now, enjoy this link!,21295/

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