Ecology of Mind

August 5, 2011 Leave a comment

“What is the pattern that connects the crab to the lobster and the primrose to the orchid, and all of them to me, and me to you?”

-Gregory Bateson

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  • Gibrán says:

    very cool Curtis. Do you know that at the last session of the Network Builders Community of Practice that we hosted at IISC there was a very exciting conversation about Bateson between Kenny Bailey of DS4SI and the late and great Jeff Stamps – turns out that Jeff studied under him!

    This post also makes me harken back to Jodie’s post in – Whatever you really see, you are that.

  • Curtis says:

    “What are the patterns that connect?” is a powerful question, no doubt. Interesting lineage from Bateson to Fuller to Capra . . .

  • Curtis says:

    Forgot in that lineage to mention Maturana and Varela!

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