Embracing Change

November 14, 2013 1 Comment

“Much of what we think of as ‘rules’ are really just traditions and habits and assumptions that don’t get challenged until some new kid comes along who really doesn’t see the value of dying at the office or getting punched in the head, just because everyone else has.”

-Jason Clarke

Thanks to Laura Moorehead of the Institute for Civic Leadership for sharing this resource with us.  Jason Clarke is the founder of Minds At Work, and has been consulting to government and industry for nearly 30 years. In this talk, Mr. Clarke raises a number of interesting points about overcoming resistance to or ambivalence about change.  I especially like his approach of helping people move from what is perceived as negative about change to what is interesting to what is positive.  Meet people where they are and help them find that space between what is “good” and “bad”- the space of “unusual” or “different.”  This is the space of artistry and innovation.

1 Comment

  • MistinguetteS says:

    I am very interested in those interstitial places where ex/change happens among groups with opposing interests. This video is interesting when thinking about those of us engaged in cultural or policy change work. I often think that “they” — whomever opposes the change I want to see — would benefit if only they could see things how this change would be a win for them, too. But what would it mean if I assumed that this was true for me, too?

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