Future Perfect

August 14, 2012 Leave a comment

From a world where words like “strategy” and “planning” still convey an air of seriousness and rigor, it can be hard to transition to a world defined by emergence.  But VUCA is here to stay – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity will continue to define our age.

Here at IISC, where we have excelled as strategic planners, we are working hard to adapt and thrive in our current reality.  Part of that process has included the study of books like Steven Johnson’s Emergence.  I am glad to learn that Johnson has followed up his work with his soon to be published “Future Perfect.”  I’m sure we’ll be diving into this one – drop us a note if you are interested!

In the months and years that followed the publication of Emergence, a number of readers took these political undertones and amplified them…  And so, over time, a book I had written about social insects and video games and software algorithms started to feel more and more like a book about politics… and the more I looked, the more examples I found of this new view of social change in the world, and not just in the decentralized protest movements of Occupy and Arab Spring. All around me, it seemed, people were using decentralized peer networks to solve problems — and not just express their outrage…

 Here is more Johnson on Future Perfect – reblog from here


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