It’s Time to Deepen and Spread the Global Discourse on Race

November 25, 2015 1 Comment

We are thankful for the thousands of people taking to the streets in Chicago in protest of the murder (and attempted cover-up) of Laquan McDonald. We are thankful for the thousands of activists demanding #JusticeforJamar in Minneapolis at the #4thPrecinctShutdown who have endured gun violence at the hands of white supremacists, desperate to stop the growing Movement for Black Lives.

Black Lives Matter Protester carries ENOUGH sign. Photo credit Barry Yanowitz

Black Lives Matter Protester carries ENOUGH sign. Photo credit Barry Yanowitz, 12/14/14


We are grateful that this country is beginning to comprehend that racism is still a deep and persistent problem. A nationwide poll released by CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that roughly half of Americans — 49% — say racism is “a big problem” in society today. In, 2011 it was only 28%.

 The unexplained shootings and deaths of Black men and women, the racially charged rhetoric of the Presidential race, and the increasing number of conversations around race in social and mainstream media have now affected our psyche in powerful and profound ways.

And yet, we’re desperately concerned that we’re not moving fast enough and working as deeply as we need to be.

 These civilian shootings represent a terrifying moment, but also a learning moment that we need new strategies to interrupt narratives that normalize violence and racism. The current ways of eliminating racism aren’t working or we wouldn’t see both the “protectors” (the police) and violent racists shooting Black people at the same time.  

Let’s embrace this moment to stand together, heal, and use everything we possess to interrupt racism and racist violent backlash. The US is settling into the reality of racism.  It’s the right time for a global conversation around race and violence that leads to world changes promoting peace and equity. Interaction Institute for Social Change is incubating ideas for how to deepen and spread this dialogue and we hope you will join us.

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