Holy Web 3.0 Batman!!

January 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Every year at this time, like most of you, I make several commitments which are generally to increase my health and well-being, deepen my spiritual life and learn myself a few inches back from the learning edge. This years’ learning commitment is to learn all things technological i.e. everything from powerpoints to Twitter and everything in between. As it stands now I know just enough to get by, develop bad habits and to be dangerous across multiple platforms.

And, like the book falling off the shelf as if guided by some cosmic know-it-all, I picked up the latest Orion Magazine the other morning to find an interview with Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired Magazine where he puts forth the idea that technology is holy. He says, “Technology is an example—like life and intelligence—-of an extropic system, a system that feeds off entropy to build order. And not just order, but self-amplifying order of exploding complexity and depth.” He goes on to describe technology as the latest chapter in the Great Story. The alternative creation story which started from nothing, grew into particles that gained mass and complexity, and then clumped into molecules and then became dust and planets and so forth.

And so, I will learn all things technological with a renewed understanding and reverence which just so happens to be another one of my commitments for 2010. Happy new year everyone!

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  • Gibran says:

    MH – psyched about your resolution, I do experience the technology of the web as spiritual and certainly as an integral part of our evolution. Since getting on Twitter I feel like I finally moved beyond “just talk” on collective intelligence and networks, to the breathing and living of it.

    Check out Kevin Kelly’s TED Talk if you really want to get blown away! https://interactioninstitute.org/blog/2009/07/21/by-the-year-2020-we-will/

  • Susan says:

    Have not consciously thought of technology this way, what a great chapter to be part of! I’m now in this great space for connection and collective thought and the possibilities are endless and admit a little mind boggling.

    With great regard for your commitment.

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