Is Social Media a Responsibility?

June 29, 2010 3 Comments

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Are you amazing?  Are you one of those people who are working to define the next phase of movement?  Are you connected to a crew of local organizers, activists, innovators, dreamers?  If you are an amazing movement builder then I want to be able to follow you on Twitter and I want to be your Facebook friend.

I find myself travelling from place to place and meeting some truly amazing people, I keep getting hip to really interesting projects and innovative approaches to the work of social change.  I’m connecting to my tribe; I’m getting to know the people who are actively redefining the way we do social change.  Here is the problem though – I can’t keep up with all of them!  And here is where I notice an important distinction.  When these people are using social media tools I can at least have a sense of what they are up to, I can get a glimpse of how their work evolves – but if they are not, then I’m left with hearsay.

I’m not saying we should all become social media mavens.  Nor am I denying the potential problems that emerge as people develop unhealthy relationships with technology.  I’m certainly not denying that we are all very busy and it can be really challenging to keep up.  But I do wonder if there are disciplined ways to stay connected.

What if you are hyper-selective about who you follow or “friend?”  What if you come to understand that you don’t have to click on every blog post, article, picture or video that shows up on your twitter stream?  What if you simply find a way to use your phone and “text” your status update just a couple of times per day?

Look – we just want to keep up with you and the amazing things that you are doing in the world.  We just want to be able to see connections and patterns that we could not have seen otherwise.  We want to know who and what you vouch for so we can give more attention to that.  And most important of all, as this tribe – this emergent network of change makers – becomes more aware of itself, we will be able to quickly identify points of strategic convergence.

When we are connected to each other, when we are part of each other’s flow, we will be able to self-organize at the drop of a pin, we will be ready to move when it’s time to move and we will be learning from each other until it’s time to move.  Let’s figure out a way, I want to keep up with you, I want to be in movement with you.


  • Cynthia Silva Parker says:

    My first response to the title of your post was “I sure hope not! One more responsibility I’m falling down on!” I get what you’re saying, though, and am trying to find ways to wade into the stream and stay there. Much easier said than done! And I can see the value in trying!

  • Gibran says:

    CSP – we are all on over drive and you are on hyper-drive! It’s hard to do these things. What can be dropped? Or, could you start by simply texting in an update, not even checking your own stream all the time, but letting people in on the amazing things you are doing. Maybe someone following you will make a connection and then reach out to you through a different, more “convenient” or habitual venue… You can contribute even if you can’t consume!

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