Life and Evolution

August 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Our first son was born on Saturday, he came two months early and he is AMAZING.  Clearly I am gushing with joy, excitement and love!  I have spent very little time with our baby (who hasn’t yet told us his name), but I am already enraptured by him – bonded, mightily connected.  And isn’t that so much of what we talk about here on the IISC Blog?  Love, connection – life, evolution.

The idea that “the connection between nodes is an ontological equal to the nodes themselves” makes so much more sense to me now than it did last week!  It makes sense in my own experience of relationship and it makes even more sense as I witness Samantha’s transformation into mother – primal and abundant.

I am overflowing with insight into love and into the drive to life.  I bow before the evolutionary thrust that brings a child out of the womb.  He is such a part of me, and such a part of her, and yet he is so much himself – grounded in history and yet completely new.

May we remember who we are.

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  • Curtis Ogden says:

    Beautiful, Gibran. So happy for you, for Samantha, your son, and for the extended IISC family. And as I read your words, I am reminded of the concept of autopoiesis, so evident in family life . . . each member produces and transforms the others. Intimacy at its best! Blessings.

  • Sara Oaklander says:

    So profound, powerful, poignant! Captures what many of us have experienced. Thank you, Gibran, for that articulation. And to you and Samantha as new parents, and to that beautiful baby boy…only the best that life has to offer.

  • Patti Anklam says:

    Congratulations, Gibran ! So thrilled for you. Hugs to Samantha.

  • chad says:

    que cuento que escribiste aqui. gracias.

  • Rey Seledon says:

    Howdy there admin, I absolutely wished to actually make a swift mention to say that I appreciated your specific information. Thanks!

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