October 8, 2013 Leave a comment

“Love” is now a category on the IISC Blog.  How appropriate!  Love is one of the three lenses that give shape to our work.  And love is at the very heart of this project of social transformation.  Love is path and goal.  Love is how we get there and it is where we want to go.

Love is not just the sweet stuff.

Love is the truth telling.  Love is the effort.  Love is the picking each other up.  Love is the way we make sense out of our universal fallibility.

Love is the sense of wholeness that rings true when we move together, when we make progress together, when we grow.

Love is as ineffable as it is an actionable practice – an exchange that can be felt and seen.

Love is a being-with one another.

It is forgiveness.  It is compassion.

It is us at our very best.

It is our conscious engagement with the fiery dance of creation.

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