Making Meaning Together

January 13, 2014 Leave a comment


At IISC, we began the year with some heavy-duty thinking. We’ll be writing about those ideas in future posts. Today, I want to tip my hat to my colleagues and to IISC’s Board of Directors. After spending a day on Board business, our Board members spent a day with the staff thinking about emerging new directions for IISC.

It was a powerful, encouraging day of generative thinking. It was the kind of day envisioned by the writers of Governance as Leadership, who make the case for Board and staff members making meaning together. It was the kind of day that absolutely upends the stereotype of Boards as “necessary evils” or worse. This group is dynamic asset to the organization. This wasn’t the first experience of thought partnership with our Board, but I wanted to call it out as especially powerful. What makes it possible? I think it’s a combination of passion for our mission, bold leadership, energizing new ideas and deep mutual respect. And, as we know from our practice, it takes clarity about outcomes, thoughtful design and skillful facilitation to make the magic happen. So, hats off to our design team as well as facilitator Milano Harden.

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