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August 3, 2011 Leave a comment

I am very excited about today’s opening of the BMW Guggenheim Lab in NYC for many reasons. At IISC, we talk about and focus on the importance of creating optimal conditions and spaces for collaboration – to innovate, build agreement, create constructive dissonance, etc. This mobile Lab seems to incorporate the best of design thinking and diversity to spur urban revitalization. And I’m wondering what this inspires in and for you.

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  • Cynthia SIlva Parker says:

    Thanks for this Curtis. Looks like you and Melinda will be in NYC before this leaves. Any chance you could visit on our behalf?

  • Curtis says:

    We would love to/hope to! Just showed the video to a group of educators while introducing Pathway to Action. People really go the idea of creating space for innovation!

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