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May 21, 2013 2 Comments

In January of this year I was privileged to design and facilitate the first ever International OPEN Summit.  Today I’m on my way to facilitate the first ever OPEN Summit US.  The leadership of our nation’s “Online Progressive Engagement Networks” are coming together to support the development of an informal network by strengthening relationships among the people doing this work. We are creating a space that allows participants get away from rapid-response campaigning and think about strategic opportunities, organizational challenges and how to work together for mutual benefit.  We’ll be in the gorgeous and nurturing environment of St. Simons Island in Georgia, I expect that the land itself will rise to meet us.

It will be a powerful convergence of people who are incredibly smart, committed to justice and embedded in the world of social networks.  Organizations represented include:  350, AllOut, the Citizen Engagement Lab, Color Of Change, CREDO, Demand Progress, Move On, the New Organizing Institute, Organizing for America, Other98, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Presente and UltraViolet.

Can you believe this is happening?


  • Jen Willsea says:

    Cool! Can’t wait to hear more. I get emails from many of these orgs, but can’t say I find the time to read most of them. I would love to know more about these networks’ communications and organizing strategies in this Age of Distraction.

  • GibranX says:

    Such a good question Jen, and it really is UP in this summit, the competition for attention that effectively translates to action.

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