Renew, Recharge, Re-Inspire

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment


Delighted yet dazed by 68 degrees in December… in New England?

Feeling a sense of a long stretch until year’s end?

Counting the days before another holiday break?

I thought so.

I feel so, too.

Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ to help you hang in there, re-inspire and spunk up in these last days of 2009.  If your year was as momentous, emotionally filling and beautifully challenging as was mine, you’ll appreciate the boost and lightness of this inspirational 2 minute video:

Remember, every Day is a gift.

How do you enliven Self and re-gift the gift of each Day to the world around you? It may not be by playing your favorite motivational speech as depicted in this video, but if not — what does it for you?

After embracing a new discovery that I am slightly more of in introvert than an extrovert (who knew?!?!),  I give myself permission these days to recharge through the following:  time “cocooning” at home, audio-booking,  cooking, getting quality, one on one, time with a friend and getting out to hear live jazz.  (Cleopatra’s Needle in NYC, and The Beehive in Boston are favorite spots these days).

What are some ways you get inspired, or re-juice when depleted? How will you, your family and your co-laborers recharge during this Season of reflection, relaxation and renewal?

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  • Curtis says:

    Just went for a walk here at Pineland in Maine this early morning. The moon just hovering over the horizon on this cloudless day, light slanting in through the leafless trees (the golden hour!), hills sloping off in the distance. That’s my cup of coffee, my re-charge, my grounding. Feeling connected to the earth – hiking, gardening. Digging in. Looking forward to doing much more of that in VT over the next holiday break!

  • Linda says:

    Melinda, I’m with you on the quiet time, one-on-one time with friends, meditation, yoga, great live music, quiet walks and, for me, truly unstructured time – no plan, no goal, just seeing what comes! Used to be (and hopefully will again be) playing with my dog. And well, then there’s the Wire …

  • Melinda says:

    Down in the hole, Linda! Gotta keep the Devil down in the hole! And yes, how could I forget my hot yoga!! 🙂

    Curtis — sounds heavenly….dig in my brother….the golden hour revisited! Yes! Love it!

    I, too, am recharged by Nature for sure. Sun, ocean, trees. Oh what a wonderful World…

  • Gibran says:

    Wow! I’m still amped from that video! What fun!

    I check in with myself in the morning, through my meditation and yoga practice, neither of which are always relaxing!

    I try to be intentional about walks and outdoor time, I love curling up with my honey, and chanting the Lord’s name in community does seem to always rejuvenate me

  • Melinda says:

    Great stuff, all. Let’s lovingly hold ourselves to practicing, rehearsing, operationalizing these ways of rejuventation. Especially when you are in the “helping” professions, and social change agents, and bigtime lovers of people — we must think and practice sustainability in all the ways that matter most.

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