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July 13, 2010 Leave a comment

As you read this post I find myself in Guatemala, honored to be working with Reading Village, a truly inspired reading promotion organization.  I’ve been impressed by the principled stance of its founders, the serious attention they are paying to respecting local culture and being of authentic service.  Having run a successful pilot, they have asked me to come a facilitate a set of conversations towards the development of a field guide – a text that will serve replication of the success of Reading Village while remaining flexible enough for local adaptation.  Wish us luck!  We are doing something good here!

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  • Buenas tardes Gibrán,

    I work for an organization located in Chajul, Guatemala with a focus on providing scholarships for local youths to continue with their studies through básico and diversificado. We recently inaugurated the community’s first public library, and we are hoping to expand our community focus through literacy programming. I would be extremely interested in seeing the field guide you have developed with Reading Village.

    We have been in contact with Sr Daniel Guzman from Reading Village, and I will also open up discussions about this with him as well.

    Thank you for your work in Guatemala!

    Bridget Barry

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