Settle for Freedom

November 26, 2012 Leave a comment

“If I can’t have what I want, I will settle for great free public education for every kid; fair wages for every kind of work; a guaranteed right to vote; an end to segregation in our hospitals, neighborhoods, airports, child welfare departments. I will settle for justice. I will settle for love. I will settle for freedom.”

This is part of the opening speech by Rinku Sen, President and Executive Director of the Applied Research Center at Facing Race. She named a number of fallen heroes that she wanted back. And then she called for the best in us to aim for our highest.

“I don’t want to reverse the racial hierarchy. I want to take it apart. I want to change the course of human evolution … I think we can be actual, full human beings. And we can change the way human beings see each other, not by the color lines … but by taking apart the racial hierarchy … We do this work with so much heart and so much humor … If we do our part, our kids will do their part and the kids after that will do more… You glow with the light of compassion and determination … Without you I would give up… together I know we can do this. Our ancestors demand it. The dead demand it. The living demand it. We can set the path for true human liberation!  Together I know we can get there!”

What does freedom look like to you? And how are you working to get there together?

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