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November 10, 2009 8 Comments

We probably met at a beautiful place and had a great experience together.  I might have facilitated, and that gave me the privilege of forging a stronger point.  We connected; we recognized each other as part of this same tribe of people who are committed to ushering forth the future that is so badly wanting to emerge.  We sense a shift, and we want to be a part of it – to make room for it.

I don’t want to be exclusive, but I’m not talking about everybody who was there.  I’m talking about you, with that unusual spark in your eyes and that incredible sense of excited anticipation that shows up even if you can be a little shy.  It was a real connection, and we both want to keep it alive.

But then there is life as we know it, or the crazy busy thing that has been sold to us as life, and it keeps getting in the way, it gets so hard to find the time.  And aside from the hectic vortex of this structure that we are seemingly subsumed by, we also have an emergent set of values that call for us to be local in our focus, to build community where we live, to go deep there, to give attention to our neighbors.  So we are caught somewhere among our desires, our struggles and our aspirations, and we are sad we are not in touch.

This is where Twitter comes in!  And you might be one of those people that still rolls their eyes at Twitter, maybe you don’t get it, or you just can’t imagine having time for it, and why are all those people you don’t know trying to follow you anyway?  It might feel so self-indulgent, or maybe the people you are following are just too annoying for you.  I’ve heard it all before!

But here is what it does do – Twitter gives us an easy way to stay in touch.  It gives me a chance to know what you are thinking about and working on, it might tell me how you are feeling and over time give me a better sense of what it is that excites you, what are the messages you find worth spreading, where it is that you find insight.  I can share the same with you, as with others, amazing people in this decentralized, trans-local tribe of evolutionaries that is building something new.  Follow me, I’ll follow you.


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