Take a Break

August 27, 2012 Leave a comment

The following is a letter by Akaya Windwood, President of the Rockwood Leadership Institute and member of the IISC Board of Directors.

Summer. Hopefully a time to slow down, find a beach or hammock and read all of the trashy books on the list. Time for ice cream and late night walks and sleeping late. Time to wear only comfortable, old at-home clothes.

Perhaps some of you are scaling mountains or hiking through wilderness. Perhaps someone is taking the family kayaking or roasting marshmallows. Perhaps you will sit in a quiet corner and let your mind wander…

Whatever you do, I hope you’ll rest. Whether it’s for a month or only a couple of hours. Good leadership requires unhinging our clever minds and taking some time off.

I think I’ll go down to the lake and see what the clouds are up to…

See you in September.

From my heart to yours.

August 2012

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  • Cynthia Silva Parker says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I just came off of two weeks of really vacating. No laptop, only a few emails, no phone calls. That was different and lovely. One of my sons (age 18) remarked to my husband “It’s good to see you and Mom having fun together.” Now the trick is to sustain that in the rough and tumble of back-to-school life.
    Meanwhile, enjoy your cloud watching!

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