The Measure of Our Experience

July 18, 2012 Leave a comment

“We become what we measure.”

– Whole Measures mantra

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Last week I had the pleasure and privilege of partnering with colleagues from IISC and the Center for Whole Communities to offer our course, Whole Measures: Transforming Communities by Measuring What Matters Most, at beautiful Knoll Farm in Vermont.  The weather and the participants did not disappoint, and the entire experience spoke to the power of paying attention to and naming what matters most as a point of departure for creating and measuring wholeness in communities and organizations.  We broke bread together, engaged in dialogue and storytelling, sat around the campfire, took in the richness of the Mad River Valley landscape, laughed, cried, and even got our groove on a bit.

Enjoy a taste of the experience in the video to which the link above leads (click on the image).  And please consider joining us for a future session and other opportunities at the Interaction Institute for Social Change and CWC.

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  • Charlie Jones says:

    got ur groove on, eh? oh – if only i could comment anonymously… glad you had a good time in Vermont.

  • Sara Oaklander says:

    Curtis! This is a gorgeous and inspiring video collage of your time at Knoll Farm. Thank you for sharing this with our community.

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