The Power of Conversation

May 24, 2010 Leave a comment

In a recent post, Janice Molloy of the Pegasus Blog had an insightful way to illustrate the “Power of Conversation,” Janice says:

Where are new ideas born? While some develop through formal processes and innovation think tanks, throughout history, many of the most transformative notions have arisen from informal conversations over a glass of wine or cup of coffee in a café, living room, or neighborhood pub. In this way, sewing circles and “committees of correspondence” played a role in the birth of the American Republic, and debates that took place in cafés and salons helped spawn the French Revolution.She then goes on to introduce one of my favorite methodologies:

A methodology known as the World Café captures the best qualities of these kinds of “conversations that matter.” Over the course of several hours, people move between groups, cross-pollinate ideas, and discover new insights into the questions or issues that are most important in their life, work, or community. As a process, the World Café can evoke and make visible the collective intelligence of any group, thus increasing people’s capacity for effective action in pursuit of common aims.

Janice follows up her comments with the following short videoclips describing the World Café [full disclaimer – I’m going to marry the amazing woman on these videos!]

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