What Would It Look Like?

September 30, 2009 Leave a comment

An amazing video about what’s possible from the Global Oneness Project.? So what would it look like if oneness were to manifest?


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  • Curtis says:

    What indeed? I just tweeted this question yesterday as a result of some of our conversations here in Holyoke – “What can we do to support our people, our groups, our friends, our ‘enemies’ to take CRAZY RISKS together towards a better future?” In some sense, I am less compelled by what it would like than by what it would take to get, which I realize could also be one in the same. What is coming up for me is the need for more of us to become savvy designers and stewards of spaces where people can find one another and be truly, utterly, unimaginably better together.

  • Linda says:

    Yes Curtis! And much of the conversation in the “what would it look like” video raises questions about what it would take.

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