Young at Heart

June 29, 2012 3 Comments

There is a lot of conversation in our sector about the generations…the boomers, the x’s, the y’s, the millenials now all working together. Someone recently mentioned they read that four generations can now be found in our organizations. This phenomenon is often presented as a problem to be overcome rather than an opportunity to be seized. In fact, combining the openness and technological know-how of youth with the patience and experience of older folks may finally be just the right ingredients for real social transformation.

As the founding Executive Director of IISC and the matriarch ( I am widowed) of my family, I am continually enriched and enlivened by the young people in my life. I have always found my children to be among the most interesting people I know; Kristen HughesJoe Hughes, Brendan Hughes, Christa Scharfenberg, David Scharfenberg.

They are all deeply engaged in their lives and the world and experience it and live out their politics and commitments in such a different way than my generation. It is fascinating to behold.

The brilliant voices found on this blog are that of many of the younger members of the IISC family. It is not only their words that inspire and teach me it is working side by side, thinking together and challenging one another to go beyond that keeps me young. And for that I am eternally grateful.


  • Curtis says:

    And we are grateful for you, Marianne, and all that you have created here at IISC! I have never been in an organization that so prized and prioritized learning. Thank you.

  • Melinda says:

    Here! Here! Thank you, Marianne, for founding and building the most dynamic, engaging, young-at-heart, stimulating and fun organization I have every worked for, or know of!

  • Linda says:

    Ditto ditto ! And I had to laugh at being described as one of the younger members of IISC!! I’ve made my share of trips around the sun too! And love being in a place where that doesn’t cause a division. I’m right with you!!

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