Empathy Connects, Sympathy Disconnects

“Rarely can a response make something better. What makes something better is connection.”

- Brene Brown

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  • Cynthia Silva Parker

    Was thinking about Monday’s post. Thanks for the idea!

  • GibranX

    Heart stirs, wanting to apply rigor to this practice – it is transformational

  • Curtis Ogden

    Beautiful, Cynthia! Your response is another blog post in and of itself!!!

  • Cynthia Silva Parker

    Thanks for this. Just want to make a connection between empathy, sympathy and equity. People are much less willing to share responsibility for the well-being of people for whom they have no empathy or connection. It’s much easier to “otherize” and convince oneself that it’s “their problem,” not mine or ours to solve. And, I’ve learned from the mediation literature about “moral exclusion.” When people lack empathy with other people or people groups, it’s easy to exclude them from the group of humans who deserve decent treatment. So, there’s an important tie between building empathy and building a movement for equity and justice.