Creative Change 2014

July 29, 2014 1 Comment

I just facilitated the 6th Creative Change Retreat at the Sundance Institute in Utah.  The amazing experience leaves me grateful to my friends at the Opportunity Agenda for trusting me with the design and facilitation of such a significant convening.

Today more than ever I am convinced that the change we want to see in the world is a change that demands the evolution of consciousness and culture.  As the artist and the activist come together – as they become one – we will be able to join into a different kind of intervention.



This is a moment that places a demand on our imagination, on our creativity, on our capacity to make art out of the shreds of a culture that is so obsolete that it has not only become anti-human, it has become anti-earth.

Everywhere I look I seem to find people who are ready for something else, and who are boldly stepping into it. They are creating a different future and crating a new story for our role here on this planet.  The Creative Change Network is a web of such remarkable humans, and I’m privileged to be among them.

Join Us!

Here are some of the hundreds of quotes that stuck with me through the retreat –

“Creative flow is better than sex, a glass of wine or a yoga high.”

“Tell stories that transport people into a new world.”

“The essential story hasn’t changed since the Greeks learned to describe it.  Good drama is still good drama.”

“We know more about the personal story of Kanye West than the story of our grandparents and our neighbors.”

“What if we move from talking about solidarity to talking about liquidarity?  Wouldn’t that make us more adaptable?”

“Don’t tell people what they have to do.  Cultivate curiosity and self-driven discovery.”

“The story is not of ‘Apocalypse Now.’ It is a story of ‘Justice Soon.”

“Re-appropriate pop culture.”


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