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June 22, 2010 1 Comment

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Over the next three days I will have the privilege of training the Interaction Institute’s Facilitative Leadership® workshop.  Just yesterday I was talking to my colleague Curtis Ogden and asking him for his latest tips on offering this workshop.  As often happens with us, our conversation evolved into a very interesting inquiry.

Why is it that so much about Facilitative Leadership® continues to ring true for our workshop participants?  Even in this time of significant paradigm shifts, during this period when even the role of the organization is being called into question, there something about Facilitative Leadership® that seems to hold true over time.

The workshop is essentially about collaboration.  It is about the type of leadership that brings out the best in others.  It is about doing things together.  It is broken down into specific practices, and into skills that can become habits.

Facilitative Leadership® offers a lot of tools but it is essentially about a way of being.  We are setting out on a three day adventure, and if at the end of three days we can authentically say that we have a clearer sense of how to embody a more inclusive way, then we can claim our success.

1 Comment

  • Curtis says:

    Well said, Gibran. A big part of the attractiveness of FL is that it is not just about being, as you know and imply above, but also doing. It is rare, we often hear, that a training experience offers so many practical skills and tools that people can implement immediately and with palpable effect. I think this is because the course is grounded in careful observation of what makes people work well together. And with collaboration becoming a more popular mandate, the course has clearly never been more timely. Hope you are having fun with the people!

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