IISC is Hiring!

April 19, 2018 Leave a comment

IISC is pleased to offer the following three opportunities.

  • Senior Associate
  • People Operations Coordinator
  • Training Coordinator

This search is being led by Imagine Consulting, a talent and recruitment firm specializing in supporting nonprofit organizations in securing an equitable and antiracist future for our world. Interested candidates should click here to apply. If you have questions or need support completing the application, please reach out to our team at careers@imagineimpactllc.com.

IISC’s Values

Our values are as important as the skills you will provide to our organization. These values guide IISC in our work internally and externally:

  • We believe that social change is possible when three key elements are attended to: shared power and equity, network building, and love as a force for social change
  • We believe that transformative leadership is the kind of leadership we need in the 21st century
  • We believe in people’s right to be involved in the decisions that affect them so that they have influence over the quality of their lives
  • We believe in the dignity of all human beings and in taking care of our planet so that we can all live healthy lives and our communities can thrive

Senior Associate

The Senior Associate works with organizations, networks, government agencies and communities to produce and deliver services that are committed to transformational, long-term change for racial equity. The Senior Associate also contributes to our evolving methodology and strategy, committed to peer learning, and contributes to IISC’s staff goals as we strengthen our equitable workplace. We currently have two openings for this role, with one of the positions will be focused on training and developing new curriculum and innovations.

Learn more and apply by 4/17.

People Operations Coordinator

Position Summary: 

The People Operations Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the administrative tasks related to the HR, benefits, and operations functions of an organization. The position serves as a project manager for hiring coordination and preparation, manages the onboarding and offboarding processes, maintains employee records, tracks employee training, and ensures compliance with legal and regulatory agencies. The ideal candidate will be motivated by supporting staff of a mission-driven organization in advancing racial equity and social justice, while maintaining internal processes that align with the organization’s values and culture.

Learn more and apply by 4/7.

Training Coordinator

Position Summary: 

The Training Coordinator is responsible for providing logistical support for public offerings and training sessions, ensuring successful, high-quality experiences for clients, staff, and participants. Their duties include assisting before and during sessions, answering questions, managing registration through an event ticketing system, and organizing data for reporting. They should be confident in providing support for both online training sessions using Zoom features as well as in-person public workshops. The ideal candidate is a well-rounded individual who can coordinate with all stakeholders to handle the finer details of training experiences, ensuring the successful completion of workshops for all involved.

Learn more and apply by 4/7.

IISC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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