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April 20, 2010 9 Comments


I am honored to be presenting at the Symposium on Sustainability that is being organized by the Institute for Sustainable Social Change at Prescott College in Arizona. Following are some ideas on the themes we want to explore together:

Everything is changing, we are in the midst of a significant – and desperately needed – paradigm shift. The industrial models of the dominant paradigm no longer serve us, they are in fact holding us back.  But what does this emergent paradigm look like?  And how do we live our way into it?

I often think of it as a shift from mechanic to organic, an outlook that calls us to create the conditions for emergence rather than to drive human dynamics by trying to pre-determine our possibilities.

An organic paradigm negates the compartmentalization of life, it calls us to integration and away from a logic of postponement that continually says “we will be happy when…” It is a paradigm that pays close attention to process because it demands that we live in the world we are trying to build. The emergent paradigm dictates that how we get there is as important as getting there. What does happiness look like from this perspective? How about purpose? Justice? Spirit?

A paradigm shift is not a mild event – it is an event that affects everything. It affects how we look at ourselves and how we look at ourselves in movement. It affects our forms of organization, our economic drivers and our value systems. It seeks to re-define our relationship to being as well as to being-with. It is the lens through which we see and experience the world.

All of this can be overwhelming, but it can also be exhilarating, and many of us believe that a paradigm shift is the only hope we have for getting out of the mess we’ve made! People from all fields are entering this zeitgeist, we can see emergent patterns and we are experimenting with new processes and tools for organization and action in this new world.  Pioneers are showing us the way – it’s out turn to get on board!


  • cynthia parker says:

    Love it. The funny thing about paradigm shifts is that they create coherence and meaning for things previously disgarded because they couldn’t be explained or understood in the old paradigm. In so doing, the new paradigm can give us power not only to understand these things but to engage or disarm them more effectively. I’m looking forward to a paradigm that makes sense of things like the logic of opprrssion of “the other,” consumption-oriented economies, lack of concern for the well-being of others and the planet, and the (Il)logic of war, to name a few!

  • I’m flattered that your presentation includes the use of my copywritten website Icon: Paradigm Shift, which is an original artwork created for August 28, 2001. At, this diagram is the Icon for the Poetic Works domain. I look forward to revisiting the work of Regards,

    Author and Architect
    Durandus von Meissen

  • Quantum Creativity: One of the main objectives of the project Quantum Creativity is to support interdisciplinary science and technology. The creation of new content across amplify the extension of advanced quantum science (including entangled quantum effect) to reinterpret in a radical vision of the long period in the life sciences’ within the intent to improve the future knowledge society . This will be done in order to overcome (through a deep exchange information with social media and communications processors virtual Augmented Reality), the decrease of the general culture of industrial society generated by the classical reductionist science of mechanics and trying to cultivate scientific leaders and managers of the future.

    see the dialog box on Facebook:

    The world economy are profoundly changing, so we are in the middle of an important – and desperately need – the paradigm shift from obsolete mechanical-reductionism . Industrial models based on the mechanical dominant paradigm no longer serve us to improve the future of our advanced societies. The mechanical models of production todays likely to conceptual and operational conservation and cultural regression worldwide.

    But what does this emerging paradigm for overcoming the contemporarily crisis ?
    And how we live our way of cultural transformation in science and technology?

    The “Project Quantum Creativity” wants to answer the call FET-OPEN – Radically NOVEL IDEAS FOR NEW TECHNOLOGIES (H2020-FETOPEN-2014-2015-RIA) for improving trans-disciplinary research oriented to look forward into the future of post-industrial knowledge society in order to give some answers to these important questions that ask a complex innovazion in art science and society and for the introduction of new and emerging technologies.

    Search for partners:

    The partners in the project will be chosen among all stakeholders in multidisciplinary research on “Quantum Creativity”, which aim to animate and produce a new culture geared toward the future of the knowledge society through an interactive and shared modalities.

    Diagram of the proposed “QUANTUM CREATIVITY”

    Intelligent solutions – to promote the deconstruction of obsolete mechanical knowledge, and to enhance the creative reconstruction of the new culture of future knowledge society, through the extension of quantum knowledge applied to life sciences. In particular, the project looks towards a better understanding of the functioning of the brain though a quantum renewed interpretation of sensory perception. The above in order to a) understand deeply the cognitive processes that support innovative concepts on brain- biology and b) to open new long-term strategies in the field of communication through Augmented Reality, to advance quantum science, in ‘arts and humanities.

    Topics of research and development Quantum Life Science and Communication Technology:

    1) – Changing the paradigm to facilitate Disruptive Innovation & transformative communication.
    2) – Development of Quantum Entanglement and application of nano-devices.
    3) – Report on the physical properties in 2D materials (such as graphene <20-40 nm)
    4) Quantum Brain Theory: Simulation of synaptic communication in a quantum-entangled perspective
    5) Dissemination of creative ideas in the field of quantum creative industry.
    6) Trends impact on Quantum Society on the cultural and economic change through active involvement of new and high-potential players in research and innovation.

    Expected results:

    Advances in the field of integration between scientific and humanistic culture giving a big impact of Augmented Reality in an innovative strategy of convergence through who led the research-edge science ad technology in Europe to become more open, collaborative, creative and closest to overcome the crisis our global society.
    Partner Search ID: PS-IT-93244
    Identifier: H2020-FETOPEN-2014/2015 Proposal Name: Quantum Creativity Challenges: Objective: FETOPEN 1 – 2014-2015: Research FET-Open Funding Scheme: Research and Innovation Actions evaluation scheme: A stage Closing Date: 29 / 09/2015;

    • Exiting work. The intra-personal space of quantum field dynamics indicates a Learning Science with an atemperal vector, quite apart from spacial disparity in the mechanistic universe, that enacts a participatory cognition on par with traditional notions of empathic or sympathetic values orientations…as the old Chinese proverb states: Let a man have a true thought, and he is heard a thousand miles away.

      • In Application to the Procession of Quantum Creativity, I here propose Cultural Criticism as that Branch of Social Science that gives or lends Voice to an evolutionary and rational imperative of supra-personal dimensions, exacting a Context upon the Existential Field (synthetic, a-temporal Sphere of Experience) within and upon which is Manifest the zeitgeist and cutting edge of Aesthetic Judgment and Social Organization.

        We begin with an Analytic of Value, proceed to define Intelligence as practiced by Science, and as Vectoring AGENDA upon the Event Stream of Private, Public and Colonial (Institutional) Civilization.

  • Here are some interesting implications for the Quantum Creativity Project, very much worth more delving. Keep them coming. Ciao.

  • The Art and Science entanglement to Implement a cultural transformation strategy through breaking innovation barriers. The BREAK BARRIERS project in “art and science of cultural transformation” would help creative integration between art and science to improve their creative transdisciplinary performances through effective methods of “active innovator” for improving an extended organizational planning and management change.EGOCREANET (NGO in FLORENCE )

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