Inspiring Movement Moments of 2013

December 23, 2013 Leave a comment

The following blog post was written by our friend Julie Quiroz  at The Movement Strategy Center.  We hope you enjoy it at as much as we did! 

Remember this spring, when the Associated Press finally dropped the I-word, and youth of color defeated prison-to-pipeline policies in Los Angeles public schools?

Or remember back in February when 50,000 people rallied in DC against the XL Pipeline?  And then in October when the protests of 5,000 young people linked the pipeline, fracking, and the whole mess of fossil fuel development?

How about September, when legendary Black activist Chokwe Lumumba scored a grassroots electoral victory in the Jackson, Mississippi mayoral race?

Or just this month, when fast food workers chucked the french fries and grabbed headlines and policy attention with strikes in over 100 cities?

Each of these moments is part of movement-building — the labor of love that keeps our work alive in quiet times, ignites movement sparks in loud times, and fans movement embers when the work gets really tough.

Thanks to the passionate collective work of so many people, organizations, alliances, and networks, 2013 was full of “movement moments” that shifted how people thought and felt, changed policies and institutions, uplifted the spirits and ambitions of everyone who participated, and sometimes even hit the sweet spot of all three.

Gathering and telling the stories of these movements – to each other, our families, our children –opens our hearts, nourishes our minds, and expands our vision for what’s possible.

You can check out the rest of the article at Let’s Talk Movement Building. 

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