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I’ve been reflecting on five years of work here at the Interaction Institute for Social Change.  As inside so outside.  My life has changed dramatically over the last five years.  And so has the world.  Seriousness about social transformation, commitment to the evolutionary process, a burning thirst for justice – a posture that demands sharp attunement with the present moment.

What am I learning?  What is possible today that was not possible five years ago?  I am married, I have a son, I live in Dorchester, I am doing sadhana.  Tahrir Square, President Obama, Financial Meltdown, the 99%.  It’s a new day.

We’ve come to an opening.  A moment of exception.  A point in time in which reality has become more malleable.  We are asking questions about our social arrangements, our relationship with the planet, and our spiritual development.

What is clear to me is that the Interaction Institute moves towards its name, not away from it.  I have become more convinced that generative interaction is what allows us to co-create new realities.  It is the way to be in movement together.  The most practicable ways to wake up to greater freedom are found in interaction with one another.

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  • Curtis says:

    Thanks, Gibran. Here’s to really putting Interaction more firmly on the map in 2012!

  • Cynthia Silva Parker says:

    Indeed! I like to think of our name in parts…

    Interaction–as you said, the core of the work

    Institute–a place for learning, thinking and sharing knowledge

    For–we are about something specific, we have an agenda

    Social Change–that’s the something that forms our aspiration and agenda

    Here’s to more of all of the parts as we move into 2012!

  • Melinda Weekes says:

    Happy to co-labor with you and all our IISC sojourners! Here’s to greatness through service in 2012!

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