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March 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Last night we came together as IISC to bid farewell to the great Melinda Weekes; we are proud that she is moving on to be the Managing Director of the Applied Research Center.  But today’s is not a post about Melinda.  It is a post about community.

We were joyful together last night.  We broke bread and shared drink together.  We told stories.  We expressed love and appreciation for a very special person.  We sang.  We roared with laughter.

We entered into an exceptional space – a particular state – and we loved it.  There is a lot to be learned from such experiences.  Celebration and the expression of joy are bonding experiences, powerful reminders that we find happiness in community – in connection with one another.

In a time when it seems that everything has become work, it becomes increasingly important to tend to community – to create the conditions that generate laughter.  It takes some skill and a certain quality of attention, but it is not a hard science.  Care and authenticity can take us a long way.

I’m reminded of a blog post I wrote two years ago.  I cite research on happiness (after a certain level of income), and the list of activities that produce it:

  • Sex
  • Socializing after work, and
  • Having dinner with others

It’s all about connection.  Create the conditions.  When was the last time that you socialized with your colleagues after work?  Where you bonding around negatives or were you celebrating each other?  Did you break bread together?  How much did you laugh?

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