Rest in Peace Michael Brown

August 25, 2014 1 Comment

Michael Brown

This morning, Michael Brown is being remembered. The country’s attention is shifting for the moment from the caustic, racially charged circumstances that led to his death, to a celebration of his life. You can watch it live right now via Colorlines.

As the mother of three young black men myself, I can only imagine his mother’s grief. We are not supposed to bury our children. I wish I could think that this will be the last funeral of a young man of color who died needlessly. I know many people are working toward that day. May success come swiftly so that we need not repeat today over and over again. It’s going to take concerted effort in families and communities, in our laws and institutions, and in everyone’s hearts and minds.

Meanwhile, I’m thankful for the church, and the joy that accompanies the celebration of a life, even a young life tragically taken, at a home-going service. May Michael rest in peace, and may his family find comfort in knowing they are not alone.


1 Comment

  • Carmen Allen says:

    Being a mother of black young men in America, I never thought I would see so many black mothers and fathers burying their sons! My heart aches for the many families who have lost their children at the hands of thos who has taken an oath to serve and protect. I pray GOD will give this family the strength needed to carry on. My GOD surround them with GOD fearing people who can up lift them in this dark time. We’re witnessing burying our babies which is out of order! We love you and will continue to lift you up in prayer. ….

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