The New Way

June 8, 2010 Leave a comment

armsopenLast week I wrote a raving review of the Movement Strategy Center’s report on organizers transforming the practice of social justice:   “Out of the Spiritual Closet.”  I really think it’s amazing.  Here are nine themes that the report outlines as part of the emergent “new way:”

  1. Integrating Individual and Group Transformation
  2. Big Visioning and Reclaiming Values
  3. Centralizing and Investing in Relationships and Community
  4. Evolving Our Understanding of Power
  5. Expanding Our Idea of Useful Work
  6. Building Alignment and Synergy
  7. Cultivating Patience and Reflection
  8. Creating Space to Heal and Transform Ourselves
  9. Expanding Awareness and Agility to Act

There are profound implications to this shift.  It is my belief that If we successfully create the conditions – support, hold, facilitate – for individuals, organizations and networks to move in this direction we will radically improve our efficiency and our power.  I’m committed to doing my part, are you?  What will you do?

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