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When I told Ceasar about the Thrive Workshop he was excited about it.  I remembered that when we interviewed him to become President of the Interaction Institute for Social Change he talked about his ongoing work at MIT.  He described the university as a place that is focused on making things work in the real world.  That certainly is IISC’s orientation.  And it definitely is what the Thrive Workshop is all about.


Thrive is not for everyone.  Thrive is for you if you are bursting with an idea and you just can’t get yourself to make it happen.  Thrive is meant to get you started.  Thrive is about getting you out of your head and into the real world.


After seven years at the Interaction Institute I was ready for something new.  When I told our President that it was time for me to move on he invited me to think more expansively.  The Thrive Workshop is not exactly the kind of work that IISC does.  It is more focused on individuals, and it is not part of the nonprofit world.  But The Thrive Workshop is something that IISC is incubating.


At IISC we want to nurture an ecosystem for social transformation.  The Thrive Workshop is about starting, it is about making things work in the real world.  The more of us are willing to experiment, to actually try things, the more of us are willing to come together to support one another’s creative endeavors, the more we will contribute to this connection economy.  The connection economy allows us to do things ourselves.  The connection economy liberates us from being told what to do, and from waiting around hoping to get picked.


This is how we are going to change the game.


I could not be more grateful for these last seven years at IISC.  Thrive is a product of all that I have learned here.  I am grateful that I get to continue to work with a smaller group of IISC clients as a part-time associate.  I will continue to be part of our work community, and you will continue to hear my voice on our blog.  I expect that there will be incredible synergy between the work of the Thrive Workshop and the work of IISC.


Here is to inventing tomorrow!


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