What's the Word?

December 16, 2009 4 Comments

In the wee hours of the morning, I came across an amazing new project Seth Godin‘s been working on.? He pulled together 60 thinkers from around the world to answer the question “What Matters Now?” and created an e-book with their responses. Each person took a single word (sleep, re-capitalism, enrichment, nobody, meaning, ease, etc.) and used it to frame a short piece describing what they’re thinking about and working on for the coming year. And he’s hoping it will spread far and wide.

I thought I’d pass along a few short excerpts from this amazing piece.

One thing Elizabeth Gilbert describes in writing on the topic of ease:

“My radical suggestion? Cease participation, if only for one day this year – if only to make sure that we don’t lose forever the rare and vanishing human talent of appreciating ease.”

And speaking of “ripple”, John Wood says:

“I dream of a world … with thousands of new schools. Tens of thousands of new libraries. Each with equal access for all children. The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

And that’s only two! And only tiny excerpts from their amazing pieces.

So I began thinking about what my word would be if I were to make this kind of statement about what I’m thinking about and working on. I came up with a short-ish list. But for today, my word would be PRESENT. This has, in fact, probably been my word for many years (though I’m not sure I knew it until I sat down to write this). And now, as ever, feels critical to me to focus on it. In every aspect of my life, my sense is that I can be the best I can be – and contribute the most – by staying present – seeing what is right now and being with that. With everyone in my life, watching to see what kind of storyline may be running, working to let go of that and be authentically in this minute – right now feels like the most important gift I have to give.

And so I wonder, what would your word be?  What pulls you forward?  Is something calling you into the new year?


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