Our Six Word Memoir

June 28, 2013 1 Comment

If you’re not familiar with six word memoirs, it’s a project of SMITH Magazine, which has as its mission to celebrate the joy of passionate, personal storytelling.  As the SMITH folks say, it’s all about “One life. Six Words, What’s yours?”

So over here at IISC we did a little passionate, personal storytelling of our own the other day…each creating a six-word memoir in the moment.

Here they are…without attribution of course.  🙂  Maybe you can guess?  Oh, and by the way…what are your six words?

  • Happy Open Optimistic Curious Active Learner
  • Always wondering; often frustrated; forever hopeful
  • Live fearless with love in mind
  • Somewhere in between beginning and end
  • Loved us all into being free
  • A life long work in progress
  • Laugh, love, go forth and connect
  • Healing through loving courageously and freely
  • Show up with love and courage
  • Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll Forever
  • Dig Learn Listen Give Grow Breathe
  • Live love; Liberate self; Justice all
  • Holder Caretaker Space Children Voice Change
  • Change the world together? Let’s go!
  • Lover of food, books, water and justice
  • What a trip. I love it!

1 Comment

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