With Great Care and Attention

February 28, 2012 1 Comment


It’s my birthday today and a few nights ago my friend Malia asked me to reflect on a lesson I’ve learned over the last year.  It was a BIG year for me!  I got married and had a son!  Lots and lots of lessons.

Our son, Darshan, is seven months, and I feel like he teaches me something everyday.  But what I’ve been reflecting on is the fact that yes – a baby demands an unbelievable amount of care and attention.  He also attracts it, he is a magnet for care and attention, which is part of the miracle of evolution.

However, even though we are giving him all of this care and attention, most of what is happening – the unfolding miracle of life, the exponential growth, the drive to do and to learn, the gradual yet steady process of awakening – all of it!  It is all so much greater and so much more than anything we can possibly be doing!

And this is where I find the paradox and the lesson.  This evolutionary thrust, this energy that bursts forth, it is so much greater than us and yet it demands our care, and it demands our attention – it is happening by itself, but it goes so much better when we are engaged – conscious, attentive – in movement, in flow.

That’s a lesson that I mean to integrate and keep.  Pay attention with great care as life happens by itself.

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