Exploring Big Democracy

February 4, 2016 Leave a comment

How can democracy result in an equitable, sustainable society?

New animation produced with Nimblebot explores turning patterns of exclusion into Big Democracy.

People’s participation in our democracy is hindered by unequal access and structures that are hard to navigate. In Big Democracy the public sets the agenda, society designs solutions for those most in need, and institutions are directly accountable to the public.

IISC presents a new animation which explores Big Democracy from multiple vantage points. There is a mayor, firm in her belief that people know exactly what they need to solve the problems of today. There are newly engaged residents, reluctant to trust that their participation will result in changes. And there are people, moving through the city, experiencing the triumphs and failures of the system.

The truth is that it’s not easy to solve the complex problems we’re faced with today. Engaging the public beyond the ballot box requires new infrastructure and skills that support the public in coming together to lift up its knowledge and make meaning together.

The Interaction Institute for Social Change is helping to turn patterns of exclusion into participation that makes a difference in decision-making. We do this by designing new interactions that bring the public together to influence how large systems function.

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