Boston Latin School Youth Climate Action Network

February 20, 2012 Leave a comment

In 2010, IISC had the privilege of work with Raab Associates to facilitate the development of Boston’s Climate Action Plan. Boston Latin School’s Youth Climate Action Network figured prominently in the development of a very successful community engagement session for Boston’s young people. They continue to move forward. Check them out! Here’s an excerpt of their presentation…

“Many people see us and they think we’re just kids. You see an 8th grade history teach and a bunch of high schoolers. And you don’t think they can make such a difference. But if we had waited until we felt like we had power, until we thought we had power, we could have been waiting forever

We made decision. We made the commitment to get involved. After we made that choice we found resources in all kinds of places. We had power by coming together we had more power by making partnerships with our community… We can all start from where we are; we can all start right now and discover the power we already have and use that power to move beyond fossil fuels.”

For more about their work, visit

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