Evergreen Collaboration

November 30, 2011 1 Comment

I have been very excited to hear about what is going on in Cleveland, not to mention how it is serving as a model and inspiration for other cities in this post-industrial age, including Springfield, Massachusetts and various communities in my native Michigan. What do you take and make of this? How might the efforts and aspirations of Evergreen inform your collaborations?

1 Comment

  • Cynthia Silva Parker says:

    Love this approach! Eradicating poverty IS about creating wealth, not just jobs. Love the connections between economic development, equity and sustainability. As one of the worker-owners says, he didn’t have to move to Portland Oregon to be part of the Green Revolution. It’s emerging in Cleveland. Also love the idea of worker owned businesses that create real value to communities and wealth for worker-owners. Go Evergreen, go!

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