Fierce Love, Contagious Joy

March 26, 2012 Leave a comment

“We are all called to be warriors of love for transformation.” That’s how Billy Wimsatt closed the Transforming Race conference. “If we’re transforming race, gender, America, we’re doing it from the place of fiercest love.” This is a love for one’s community, oneself, one’s planet and all people that can’t stand idle while people are suffering. A love that won’t tolerate the exclusion or marginalization or degradation of others.

A love that produces an infectious joy as well as righteous indignation. A love that builds power within and among people in pursuit of justice. Lest we forget what Dr. King said so many years ago, quoting theologian Paul Tillich, love without power is anemic, power without love is destructive. He reminded us of the power of bringing people together on a neighborhood level to make change, and not to overlook the power of the ballot. Most importantly, though, Billy reminded us that “the heart is the place we have to work from if anyone is going to care.

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