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February 2, 2018 1 Comment

February 5, we launch a connection/productivity experiment called Rays. It derives from a critical piece of team infrastructure we invented while working at IISC, the secret ingredient to our team’s performance. Without it, we noticed a gap and with it, the work (and our team) flowed more smoothly. That makes us think our little practice could benefit others. So we’ve decided to do an open call for participants.

The practice is a short, daily meeting: Rays. For less than 30 minutes, you will join an online call and share three things:

  1. RAY: something you are grateful for
  2. TASK: something you are doing that day
  3. BLOCK: something literal or existential in the way

There is no solving. It’s just reporting and listening. 

We are inviting people to join us in February (starting as early as the 5th!). You commit to showing up to an online call for 5-days, up to 30 minutes, and sharing.

How This Helped Us

Rays of Light: Our team  performed better  when we paid regular attention to things that made us grateful. Finding something everyday to be grateful for was also a transformative practice in and of itself.

Tasks: The practice of explicitly listing our tasks each day helped us understand our own work better and made us more planful about each day.

Blocks: Reflecting on blocks invited us to be real about what was blocking our forward movement. A block may be personal, environmental, interpersonal, or existential.  

Experimenting Across Organizations and Projects

We are testing how this might help people who don’t share an organizational context. Could people who are not in direct collaboration be helped by getting a window into someone else’s day? We hope it sparks new network connections.

We’re also curious about what happens when productivity is centered in connection and gratitude. This is an experiment in what’s possible when we focus on what’s good and challenging at the same time, since both things are always true.

Sound interesting? Sign-up in the form!

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