Jarche on Networks

May 30, 2013 Leave a comment

A few of us here at IISC are avid readers of Harold Jarche’s blog, Life in Perpetual Beta.  IMHO, he is a fount of wisdom and helpful information about the connected age and economy in which we find ourselves.  The past couple of weeks, I’ve gleaned the following gems from his writings, which I take with me into the network building work we do at IISC:

“Networked individuals trump organizations.”

“Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy.”

“The network era requires personal [intrinsic] motivation.”

“It’s not a question of “motivating” people, but understanding why people are naturally motivated to share.”

“To succeed in this networked world, organizations need to promote openness, transparency, and diversity.”

“In hyper-connected work environments, learning has to be part of working.”

Any reactions or something you would add to these tweet-able insights?

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