Leadership, Passion, Connection

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Talent thrives within diverse ecosystems.  The straightforward and linear has given way to the complex and emergent.  This is the nature of evolution.  So it’s no longer about putting two and two together but about noticing patterns – it’s about sensing our way into the web of connection.

Thriving environments are brought together by “brokers,” I prefer to call them weavers or connectors.  Morton Hansen says they are “T-shaped” people, their deep knowledge is the vertical line in the “T” – their strong interest in collaborating across domains is the horizontal line.

Weavers are passionate and connected.  They are obsessive about what they care about, they know it deeply – it is their passion.  They can see patterns, they make connections, they bring people together – they are connected.

A diverse ecosystem thrives when weavers nurture it.  Passion and connection are essential attributes of leadership in a networked world.  How do we nurture these gifts?

Inspired by Stowe Boyd’s recent post, The Multiplier Effect.

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