Ode to Marianne

June 19, 2012 4 Comments

The following is a poem created by IISC staff members during Marianne’s last staff meeting. Each member was asked to think about a phrase or a word that first came to mind when thinking about Marianne. We love you dearly MH.

Loving mother to all who know her

Creates joyful spaces

So many possibilities and so much love

Looking ahead but passionate about reaching back to make the world a better place for humanity

Your greatest source of wisdom is right inside your heart


Inspirational, visionary with a heart rooted in social justice

How hard can it be?


Equally holds a torch for love and for lipstick as a force for change!

Joyous with possibility

Blue Sky

Earth Mother, force of nature

Full of hope; sharing faith; unstoppable; conviction; remarkable hustle

Inspiring to all those lucky enough to know her



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