The 4th Box Sparks Imagination

April 12, 2016 5 Comments

Start a Conversation

Remixers and meme-makers, we have a tool for you. We are pleased to be partnered with Center for Story-based Strategy in the release of an illustration kit:

Imagery is a huge factor in framing the terms of a conversation. This kit is meant to inspire imagery that provokes new interactions between people. We believe these interactions will help open up imagination towards the liberated, equitable society we want.


Artwork by Angus Maguire:

What do you want to foreshadow?

What conversation is relevant to changing hearts and minds in your community, online or in person?

How do you imagine #the4thbox?

Together we can use this tool to start 1,000 conversations about the world we want, which is a step to making it real. Are you up for the challenge? Post your image with #the4thbox.

Download the illustration kit.

Tips and Tricks

As your social media feed enlivens, here is a facilitator’s conversation guide published by IISC Affiliate, Ana Perez.

Center for Story-based Strategy offers tools and worksheets for strategic narrative interventions.

Following the re-release of Illustrating Equality VS Equity, we were inspired by re-mixes like this:

Equality Equity Reality

Made by Andrew, a Facebook user in Canada


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